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By this point, we should have at least a 75% complete "Product Library." This is the "bible" of specifications for your particular project. Everything from sinks, to paint colors, to exterior trim to cabinets is specified here. Other than your choice of builder, this is bar none, the single most important factor in having a successful build. We do realize that is difficult to decide on some of these items so far ahead of time, but after decades of doing this, we've realized that there simply is no other right way, and with the help of your design team, we should be able to minimize the pain and worry of the process.

“We won’t let you make a bad choice”

We will draft up and sign construction contracts, including such documents as the product library, and your drawings.
We will generate a construction schedule for you which will be adhered to.
A project manager will be assigned to your project. This will be your go-to man on the project for anything regarding design or finance, and they will be available for you full time from start to finish.
A project foreman is assigned to your project. This will be the person who is responsible for all job and construction conditions and the man who will be there at the job every day. In some cases the foreman and project manager are the same person.
Workmen and subcontractors are scheduled.
Any long lead time products for your project are ordered and paid for. If we receive them early, they are stored onsite or nearby so that they are ready when needed and the schedule is adhered to.

The design and permitting process

You will walk the project at the end with your project manager to develop the punch list. This is your chance to address any quality concerns or to help us spot a few paint touchups or a scuff on a floor that mysteriously appeared. This list will be put to paper and will be worked on steadily until it is complete.

Completing your project

The DeBernardi Approach

​"Our start-to-finish recipe for a successful and enjoyable project"

What is the design/build method and why is it better?

The first consultation

Your project manager will hold weekly meetings with yourself and/or your design team.

Your project manager will do what's needed to keep to the schedule. Should weather delays or design adjustments warrant schedule changes, your project manager will make the necessary adjustments and give you an updated schedule right away. If we start to have schedule slippage due to our own mistakes or planning, we will bear the cost of necessary overtime and/or extra manpower to make sure we get back on track.

Developing and maintaining the highest level of safety, cleanliness, efficiency, quality and open communication will be the primary goal.

The initial phone call

After we're " done "

Design-build is a construction project delivery system where, in contrast to "design-bid-build" (or "design-tender"), the design and construction aspects are contracted for with a single entity known as the design-builder or design-build contractor. The design-builder is usually the general contractor, but in many cases it is also the design professional (architect or engineer). This system is used to minimize the project risk for an owner and to reduce the delivery schedule by overlapping the design phase and construction phase of a project. Where the design-builder is the contractor, the design professionals are typically retained directly by the contractor. This is one of the oldest forms of construction since developing from the "Master Builder" approach.

Enhanced Communication. Because the design parameters of a project are being developed along with the budgetary goals construction methodologies and budget conditions being weighed simutaneously, a project is more likely to be realized than with pure design approach. The owner has greater access to the "team" working on project developement as the project is being developed. This efficiency is not a negative "short cut" as a rule, but rather the keystone to the success of the Design & Build model.

Maximum Accountability. Rather than a parcelized level of responsibility of the classic design-bid-build, design-build provides an integrated solution for the owner or client. This moves projects away from the "finger-pointing" that is often commonplace in contemporary construction projects, and allows the owner to look to one entity with any questions or concerns.

Single Source Project Delivery. Instead of having several contractors and consultants, an owner has just one entity to deal with. Design revisions, project feedback, budgeting, permitting, construction issues, change orders, and billing can all be routed through the design-build firm. This single point of contact allows a certain degree of flexibility for the owner. Most design-builders will leverage that flexibility for the owner's benefit by continually refining the construction program to maximize the owner's value at the completion of the project.

Value-Based Project Feedback. Typically, in order for a contractor to bid on a project, very specific details relating to the methods and materials must be given to avoid any ambiguity and to make an "apples to apples" comparison of bids. In a design-build context, the owner, the owner's other consultants, and the design-builder can work together to determine what methods and materials will maximize the owner's value. In instances where marginally more expensive materials, designs, or construction methods might yield a higher return on investment for the owner than those of lower cost, the owner is free to adjust the project's program without having to re-bid the entire project

In short, the design/build method minimizes the hassles, mistakes, and time investment that typically burden you, the owner, in modern construction projects. It lets you do what you do best, and that's focus on your career so you can pay for your project, and focus on your family so no one feels left out during the process.

Building your dream

For us, the word "done" means just that. We are not satisfied until you are. No matter the time or hassle, we will stay the course until you are 100% happy and you feel that we are truly complete with your project, and you've received what you paid for.

We offer an unmatched 3 year warranty on all of our work. We will repair or fix any problems you have, other than appliances and normal wear and tear. Should you want us to take care of either of those issues, we will do so at our cost.

Our entire business is run on referrals, and we want you happy for years to come so that you can share your experiences with our future potential clients.

Your first meeting will be with Jeff DeBernardi, our company president and expert builder, and/or our head estimator Tom Westcott, depending on the complexity and size of the project. The goal of the first project is for us to get an overall feel of your project and your goals, as well as a chance for you to get all of the questions you might have answered. For the first consultation, we REQUIRE the following information from you, so please have it ready.

A brief description of your project or a set of drawings if you have already begun the design process. It helps if you have this written down ahead of time.
A project budget, including any contingency you might have. Please understand this has nothing to do with how we establish our pricing, but instead has to do with feasibility of your project. If you state a lower budget than you're willing to spend, you could possibly end up with a lower grade of finishes than you might have wanted, and if you overstate the budget, we might move forward with a high level of specifications and finishes that will have to be modified later, resulting in scheduling delays.
Pictures of work that you like, so we can get an idea for your tastes in finishes. Please have these even if you have detailed drawings of your project as they typically don't specify finishes well enough.

This is where the fun starts. Once we have decided on the specifics of a design package that fits you and your project, we will get a formal agreement in place, and start designing!

A design schedule is drafted and given to you
We take all necessary measurements, photos, and other surveying needed to generate an accurate “as built” set of drawings, which the new design will be based off of.
We hire, manage, and coordinate any and all professionals and consultants and report to you bi-weekly.
We report to the local building administration to assist in obtaining required approvals and permits.
We take advantage of the design build process, and we don't let the project get out of hand budget wise. The initial budget is adhered to, which is why it is SO IMPORTANT that we have an accurate initial budget.

Before construction begins

The first time you call us, we will ask you a few general questions about your contact information as well as the project you have in mind, and we will make sure that you have read through this site to educate yourself on the way this works. If you happen to call and no one answers, please leave a message, our saying "No Later than the Next Business Day" applies here, and you"ll receive a very timely call back.

We will then schedule an appointment for your first consultation, as well as make sure that you know what "homework" you will need to do before your first consultation.